About Our Process

At Roofworks we are a shelter in the storm. We are a family owned and operated business. We take pride in the fact that we have helped thousands of Homeowners just like you with their roofing needs, from minor repairs to getting a full roof replacement from your insurance company. We also offer free estimates and
financing. Roofworks is an equal opportunity employer.

What We Do

Accurate Quotes

No hidden fees, no gimmicks.

We Clean Up The Mess

Let us handle the repairs and dirty work.

Custom Design

Create a custom look for your home.

The Details of What We Do

During tear-oft Roofworks contractors will inspect the decking and make all necessary
repairs to insure the longevity of your investment.

Ice & water shield leak barrier will be used at all valleys and roof areas that are prone to

Hard blowing rains; snow, and fluctuating temperatures add additional stress to these areas.
This strong, flexible material with its self-adhering underlayment will create a barrier beneath your
shingles by sealing around the deck and nails for added protection.

We inspect all metal flashings and vents to ensure they’re in good condition. Shingles will not
properly seal with bent or damaged flashings. We will replace all soil-pipe flanges to ensure the
best protection around these areas. We will also paint pipes, vents, flashing etc. to best match the
color of shingles to give your roof a finished look.

We will cut back all tree limbs away from the roof edges. Did you know that branches rubbing back
and forth on your roof will lessen the life of your shingles. The constant wearing away of the
protective granules and coating will expose your roof.

When we have finished installing your new roof system we will clean out all gutters of trash and
debris to ensure that water can freely escape your roof- Water that cannot pass through your
gutters can actually back up and get behind your shingles at the roof edge which can cause
possible leaks and wood damage.

Additional options for the homeowner to consider when deciding a roofing system:Attic ventilation
system which can include power vents, turbine vents, and/or ridge vents are designed to help
balance attic temperatures. This allows your heating and cooling system to work more
efficiently and prolongs the life of your new roof. Our staff can help you to decide what vents will
work best for the size home that you have and install a system designed especially for you.
Ask about any and all of the incredible upgrades we offer.

“The best work comes from the most passionate workers.”

Randy Hendrickson – Owner